Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Refreshing Myself

This weekend I had the opportunity to take a workshop led by the wonderful Patrizia Vignola. This workshop was a drapery study with charcoal. When I saw this workshop I knew I had to do it. It took me literally a month to fight myself and sign up for it. The reason: I dislike drawing. Drawing is a must have skill in the art world, there is no way around it and no doubt about it.

Walking into the workshop was nerve racking. She quickly began to refresh the students on the shapes, shadows, and types of drawing techniques. I stood there thinking to myself "Oh crap, I haven't drawn in 3 years, what if I suck?". When we sat down to begin drawing, it took me a while to even put one mark on my paper. I was overwhelmed. However, once I let out a big breath, that first mark quickly became a mind consuming whirl. I had dived back in to the world of drawing as easily as I had slipped out of it 3 years ago. I couldn't believe how familiar the charcoal felt in my hand. Before I knew it, the class had 30 minutes left to it! Patrizia had put a very ambitious drapery on the wall, so no one really finished their drawings. But I was very proud of myself that I had opened myself up and conquered my fear of "being bad" at drawing because after stepping back from the drawing, it looked quite alright!

I will be doing more drapery studies and more drawing studies from now on. Being a painter isn't just about painting. I have to refresh myself and be a well rounded artist!
Here is the unfinished drapery drawing.

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