Beaded Paintings

My mixed media (bead work on canvas or board) is a technique I learned several years ago and have recently started doing again. It is a fun break from strictly painting, and sort of an ode to folk art. I feel my work should reflect a little bit of the southern heritage in the history of art. These pieces have lines of seed beads I hand place around an image that I have painted with acrylics on a canvas to serve as a background or an aura for the object. Just the beading process takes more than 10 hours to complete for a piece as small as an 8"x10"! I was taught this technique by Penny Dobson, a renowned folk artist in Rome, GA.

Usually I do not keep many of the beaded paintings in stock. You can order them by requesting a certain flower or pet/animal and I will be happy to make it for you! Any size can be available, but typically 5"x7", 8"x10", or 11"x14" are the sizes requested.
These are great Birthday, Mother's day, "Get Well", and Co-worker gifts.

For your convenience I take all major credit cards.
3"x3" - $25
4"x6" - $80
5"x7" - $100
8"x10" - $125
11"x14" - $150
Any larger sizes will be quoted for you.

Charlie. 2012. 8x10.

African Violet. 2011. 4x6.

Cardinal. 2011. 8x10.

Dachshund. 2011.

Sunflower Burst. 2011. 5x7.

Ladybug. 2011. 8x10.

Red Tulip. 2011. 4x6.

Geranium. 2011. 4x6.

This is an example of  how they can be displayed. Daisy. 2011. 4x6.

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