Samantha Floyd moved from Sugar Valley, GA to Staten Island, NY after graduating from Shorter University in Rome, GA, in 2011. She is a full-time commission and free-lance artist. She is a co-founder of Artist Street, a collective of Artists charged with the enhancement of the art scene in SINY and she volunteers her time, weekly, to Art Lab, the local art school in Staten Island.


    I grew up in the Deep South, in northwest Georgia as the youngest child of four. As I move forward, I want to always keep in mind my most valued memories at home, so by painting them I am creating a perpetual homage to them. Every painting captures a moment from a memory, a story, or a tangible object that has always been around and I associate with home.
    My education has led to my interest in the Impressionist Movement of the late 19th century. The livid color used in these paintings to capture the essence of a moment in time are the intrinsic values of this era and are what I model my work after. The industrial revolution was taking over and the Impressionists were painting quickly in order to preserve a sliver of the beautiful scenes of home in which they were familiar with and valued the most. City life and construction were taking over rapidly and this is how I feel about my life. I've moved from the country side to the fast paced city and while embracing the change, I want to remember the things I love and remember about my first home. As time changed, so did the artists, therefore my work will be ever changing as I settle into this new city life.


    My mixed media (bead work on canvas or board) is something I have picked up over several years. It is a fun break from strictly painting, and sort of an ode to folk art. I feel my work should reflect a little bit of the southern heritage in the history of art. These pieces have lines of seed beads I hand place around an image that I have painted with acrylics on a canvas to serve as a background or an aura for the object. I learned this technique from Penny Dobson, a renowned folk artist from Rome, GA.

Curated Exhibitions
-"Multiformity" - SI LGBT Community Center, October-November 2012 
-"An Introduction" - Art Lab, Inc, SINY, June 2012

Group Exhibitions
-"Multiformity" - SI LGBT Community Center, October-November 2012
- "An Introduction" - Art Lab, Inc, SINY, June 2012
- Artist Trading Cards Exhibition - Art Lab, SINY, May 2012
- 9th Annual Open Show - Art Lab, Inc, SINY Jan 2012
- Juried Student Art Exhibit - Shorter University, Rome, GA - 2008-2011
- “Americana” - Arts On The Square, Adairsville, GAv- July 2010
- “Local Artists” - Harris Arts Center, Calhoun, GA -  May 2010
- “Art for a Heart” - Mohawk Industries, Calhoun, GA - 2007

- "“Home”" Solo Exhibit - Arnold Gallery, Rome, GA - April 2011

Art Fairs
-62nd Annual Art on the Fence Show - Staten Island Museum, Snug Harbor, Staten Island, NY, September 2012
- Bernikow JCC Winter Bazaar - SINY - December 2011
- 61st Annual Art on the Fence Show - Staten Island Museum, Snug Harbor, Staten Island, NY - September 2011
- Adairsville Fine Arts and Antiques in the Square - Adairsville, GA - April 2010


- Chiaha Society Award, 2011
- Claire Hollingsworth Bunte Award, 2011
- First Place at Juried Student Art Exhibit, Shorter University, 2011
- Outstanding Art History Knowledge Award, Shorter University, 2010
- GCHS Outstanding Achievement in 2D Visual Arts Award, 2007


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