Friday, July 13, 2012

Having an Artist Moment

I was blessed to be able to go to Aruba this past week and enjoy a completely new climate/culture/view/food...everything! I was in an artist's paradise. This trip cleansed my palette and I was engulfed in the beauty of a whole new world. Two nights I came out to sit and watch the sunset on the beach. I had and still do not have words to describe what I saw. The sunset was brilliant. Even the photos I captured do not do the scenes justice. All I could do was stop and shake my head. Experiences like this last a lifetime and more in an artist's head. I must have taken hundreds of photos within the 2 half hour spans. The compliments between the sea and the sun as the colors changed was so majestic that I thought I would just burst with excitement. My poor fiance was stuck in the middle of all this, he enjoyed the sunsets, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't the same experience. Poor guy. He had to put up with a tearful, excited, humbled little ole artist girl going temporarily mad with clicks of the camera shutter going off every half second. So there you have it, my artist moment....
 So I wanted to post some photos I took of those two nights and allow you to see just what God's hand crafted that night. (I think He knew I was watching).
(And you know paintings are definitely in the works of this trip)


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  1. Beautiful, am so glad you had a fantastic time and you savored every facet of your trip!