Friday, May 18, 2012

A sure sign of a "Leo"

My self portrait is something I've been brewing for some time now. I knew exactly what picture to use of myself. But then again, did I want it to be some clever interpretation that left everyone guessing what the painting was actually was supposed to represent? No. I wanted it to be me. Literally.

I started to think about describing myself. Now, if you are a Leo, you know exactly what it means to be a Leo and you are darn proud to be one. So all these words described as being a Leo was what I wanted to bring forth in this painting. "Proud, Creative, Self-assured, Warm-hearted, Vivacious, Ambitious, Loving, Daring" I mean, need I say more? :) This painting demonstrates me and gives you a sense of the person I am. I wanted an in your face picture of me to capture your attention and to draw you in, another Leo specialty. My hair is slightly blowing away to represent my readiness and ambition for moving forward. My earring is a heart that represents that I wear my heart on my sleeve, but also my warm heart towards others. And in my pupil you can barely see, but it is there, the symbol for Leo.

So you see, this is simply not just a painting of my big ole face. Its much more. Hope you enjoy.

This painting will be hung in "An Introduction" and Artist Street Exhibition in Staten Island, NY at the Art Lab. The opening is June 2nd from 2-4. Click my "Upcoming" tab to read more about this show.

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